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Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Christmas Treat at La Casita

Diners at La Casita Mexican Restaurant were lucky to enjoy great food and the best of local entertainment Friday night. It was a Mexi-Christmas moment for Navasota and a special treat to anyone paying attention, as two of Navasota's most decorated entertainers gave a music fiesta with a little help from their friends...

Misslette the Singing Cowgirl and Tubie Pushee put on a tight little show, offering variety and musical virtuosity.
Misslette and Tubie have joined up before to entertain their devoted fans at Navasota's most popular eating tradition. Both award-winning and often nominated musicians, their music was a great gift from La Casita to their clientele.
 Tubie lays it down.
Singer-songwriter Tubie Pushee has released four blues-rock albums and established himself as the top guitar song-smith in the Brazos Valley, not only producing great songs but helping many guitarists sharpen their skills as well. Tubie is always a big supporter of whatever is going on locally, ready to lend his talents. He is always there when we need a lift.
Misslette sings, plays guitar and lends her passionate harmonica to Tubie's blues.
Misslette The Singing Cowgirl is a worthy counterpart, just as community-minded, and an accomplished musician and singer, able to deliver up equally professional cover songs, in country, blues, jazz and  western. Together they cover all the bases!
After many years of bringing tasty Tex-Mex food to the Brazos Valley, La Casita Restaurant is as popular as ever. Thanks to them, there was country, rock and a little blues to nod along with as the enchiladas and margaritas went down.
IN ADDITION, on hand to salt the mix was songwriter Mitch White who offered some of his latest "grunge" rock originals. They are excellent. And Misslette's sister Suzonne, played an authentic bowed psaltry, fashioned from cherry wood. Suzonne is a  classically trained musician, and sang some Christmas classics. I can say with some confidence, Navasota has never heard such accomplished and diverse artistry in any of its various venues.

Misslette and sister Suzonne. All the Caillouet kids are musicians... and good ones.
Last but not least, these incredible, talented and qualified entertainers invited me to sing a few songs, and gave me my Christmas, to get to sing with them backing me up. If you love to sing, you might be able to imagine how thrilling that would be. If not... well, you'll just have to take my word for it. What a way to top off the year... a golden evening to remember with these precious friends. Thanks to La Casita for providing another chapter to "It's a Wonderful Life"!
Merry Christmas.  If you have not given yourself a similar memory, it's not too late. BUT YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!