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Sunday, September 6, 2015

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39th Salmon Lake Park Labor Day Bluegrass Festival

My friend Scott Armstrong has been a lifelong music enthusiast and a significant force in an awesome Bluegrass gathering north of Crockett on the outskirts of Grapeland. Every Labor Day THOUSANDS of folks come from far and wide like geese in migration, to their musical home. Scott has been gently inviting me and his other buds for years, always trying to humbly encourage our attendance to the MOST AMAZING EVENT UNDER THE STARS IN TEXAS; GREAT MUSIC- wonderful people, and a glimpse of what America once was.

 Multi-talented Aggieland businessman-musician Scott Armstrong is the emcee for this Grapeland Bluegrass tradition.

Yes, Scott, you're kind of a big deal! (He will hate that) Thank you for your yeoman's service to the Texas music scene... and for inviting me!


 As Bluegrass echoes through the pines, children gallavant on a nearby green space with fireflies- some natural and some born of technology.

 Frontier Texas architecture lends character to the surroundings.

 Excellent food goes with classic music- and this classic food truck.

 Favorite Bluegrass acts like the Gary Waldrep Band are brought in from all over the country to play at this thirty-nine year homecoming.

 A covered market place offers souvenirs and recorded music.

Saturday night was topped off with rising bluegrass performer, Dylan Hall, thought by some fans to be representative of the future of bluegrass music...

The centerpiece event Sunday was a worshipful Gospel music concert... just one major distinction which makes this event something to support and emulate. Look forward to a similar event every MEMORIAL DAY.

America has been brought to her knees in many ways... but there is a window of opportunity as events like this prove that there can still be hope for our people and our culture...  Art and music and fellowship can be a powerful testimony for God and country... IF we support them. I'm in!