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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A real ART PLACE- in Navasota!

Art could happen anywhere, but it doesn't. That is because the makers of art need a particular environment... and creative ambiance of a place is as important as raw space. Art happens where artists feel comfortable, free to create, where the right materials and space and light can come together to inspire. Artists function best working somewhere where they can concentrate, where they can make a mess and... solicit constructive criticism.

And now art can happen in Navasota, Texas at the new gallery and studio space created by Patricia and Mike Pederson. It is humbly called the Gallery Downtown, but it is so much more than anyone suspects, from down below. 

It is HUGE. The natural light is exhilarating. The rustic, authentic atmosphere whispers of Brazos Valley legends and lore. It's not too nice... a place where work can get done. But still, it feels like a giant old art museum, just begging to showcase the works of serious artists who find and appreciate the space.

 This exciting place can be found upstairs above the Circle P Antique Mall, right on the railroad tracks in downtown Navasota.

Pattie Pederson, the owner and proprietor, kicked off the opening of this gargantuan art landmark with an exhibit of her own works. 

 "Compass Rose"

If the space is grand, so is her vision. This epic show was not only a long-awaited epiphany of a legitimate art gallery in this arts-conscious community, but it was the long overdue revelation of Pederson's art, which fills this monumental space as if made for it.

Well, OK it was, in fact some of it was painted ON the museum...  and it may be the most beautifully staged, well-placed art exhibit ever seen in Navasota, if not the whole Brazos Valley. 

This is Pederson's first show in this magnificent space, and art lovers will learn to anticipate and attend them in the future. They promise to be some of the most inspiring, artistically authentic, cutting edge art shows in the region. Navasota finally has a real art place. And it is a masterpiece...   

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