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Friday, November 1, 2013


The warm, sexy light on the ten musicians in the orchestra add constant flair to this production at The Theater Company, as they offer up impeccable sound tracks. Nannette Pope seen here at piano, and John McNally to the far right at percussion.
Not exactly behind the scenes at The Theater Company in Bryan are the fascinating bells and whistles which make this venue a top flight experience.

Just completed are a pair of revolving stages, which sometimes spin simultaneously as dancers race into a whirlpool of color and action... I had to ask if them if they ever fall on their keesters...

They do.

But perhaps my favorite thing in the world of entertainment is the orchestra pit... where professional musicians add essential flow and punctuation to every scene. There is no pit.. so the orchestra is placed on the front right... and you can sit right next to them and watch every note as it fires the audience and players.

I was especially pleased to see my friend John McNally on the drums... His finesse is exceeded only by his quiet, gentle manner. And Randy Russell, a sometime visitor to our Friday jam, on bass! Russell also helped build those incredible turntables.

There is something energizing about the excitement of live music when combined with live entertainment... kind of like Texas High School football... but with less bruises.

The Theater Company Orchestra. Another reason to get out of the house!

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