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Monday, September 15, 2014

BrazoSphere finds a home! ABC40!

I want to welcome ABC40 of Bryan, Texas as my partner in this blog. ABC and I have joined together to give you a ride in the front seat as I explore art and entertainment here in the Brazos Valley. 

Here is a link to our new ad... to be aired soon...

With my sculpture in front of Stelzig's at Bush Airport.

I have spent a lifetime immersed in the arts and the history of this region, and believe this is the most intriguing and inspiring place on the earth. 

You can only imagine how excited I am about bringing my stories to a television audience. Before we move on to wonderful things, I want to take just a  moment and introduce myself to you.

You might say my acorn rooted right under the tree. My father was a civic leader and a published Texas historian, and my mother was an antique dealer and accomplished portrait painter. They shaped me into a passionate communicator and encouraged my pursuit of an art career. My family moved from Houston to Grimes County in 1972, and it has been home ever since. Ironically, many of my pioneer ancestors who have always been a great inspiration for me were buried in the 1870's in the Bryan City Cemetery. Now I will be covering their legacy for ABC40, a growing television station committed to covering our local color.

I have been an artist all of my life, and have made art professionally here in the Brazos Valley for almost forty years. I have also worked at various times as a carpenter, sign maker, ranch hand, museum director, and photographer. An artist has to be flexible to survive. I am married and have one daughter, and I have lived in Navasota for 25 years, where I have served the community in various ways, including on the board of the Arts Council of the Brazos Valley and the Navasota City Council.

My mural at Wrangler Steak House.

I have painted waaaay over fifteen thousand square feet of murals in Texas schools, museums and other public places. The Star of the Republic Museum, Houston Baptist University and Blue Bell Creamery are just a few of my mural customers. 

My latest life-sized bronze, of  City Marshal Frank Hamer, in front of Navasota City Hall.

My monumental sculptures adorn neighborhoods all over the place, and especially in my hometown of Navasota.  I have also worked locally as a theater set designer, taught art lessons for thirty years, promoted concerts and managed a six county tourism market sponsored by the National Trust.

I am probably known more to local antique collectors as a source of information on early Texas stoneware. Around one hundred people a day visit my blogs on Texana,  especially on Texas Ranger badges. I am a passionate writer, authoring five different blogs including this one. There is my blues blog:, my Navasota blog: , my family blog:, my art blog:, and this one, made especially for ABC40.

ALL of this experience has prepared me to write this blog, called BrazoSphere, which will be your one-stop-shop for local cultural orientation and my impressions of art and entertainment opportunities that will be of interest to YOU! So check out the permanent features at the top... explore our fabulous cultural history!

Let's Go!

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