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Monday, September 29, 2014

Ruthie Foster and Other Shooting Stars at Texas Reds...

A few cars shy of a load...

The annual Texas Reds Festival seemed to be operating at around half capacity in the unforgiving Texas heat Sunday. There was something for everybody... but the event was so spread out that it seemed like only a fraction of "everybody" took advantage of this cultural extravaganza. Still there was a very impressive variety of quality bands, and loyal fans of of Ruthie Foster that made the day worthwhile.

"How long as it been?"

"I feel like I'm in trouble"

Ruthie came and did her magic in her unique, classy and soft spoken style, as hundreds gathered at her tent. Almost... yes indeed a spiritual experience, she introduced her proud family on the sidelines and spoke of "Paw Paw" and "Big Mama,"And shared a few memories from her formative years in her hometown of Gause; about Paw Paw driving up from the Brazos bottom in the noisy old pick up truck, with chains clanging on the tailgate, and him parking under the live oak tree, that made the oppressive heat seem like part of the act.

 And yes she sang. She is the greatest voice to blossom in these parts since Texas Alexander. And nobody remembers him. Nobody will forget seeing Ruthie when she sings. Local guitarist Red Carson sat in on a few tunes, and made it a real Brazos Valley homecoming.

The attendance to the overall event was strangely sparse, but Ruthie's stage was comfortably packed.

The artist's booths were well worth the time to peruse. Amanda Lynne is a young mother who has committed the time with the help of her husband to produce these vibrant nature scenes. Very reasonably priced.

Trevor Reed of College Station is a woodworker who turns chunks of rare wood into gorgeous instruments.... this bass guitar he brandishes was the epitome of functional art.

DOZENS of excellent bands like Jonathan Tyler, from all over the country converged to offer an amazing music event.

Were you ever out at night and someone said, "There goes a shooting Star!"? And you looked up but it was too late? For many folks in the Brazos Valley, that is exactly what happened here.

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