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Sunday, November 9, 2014


The 2014 Drums Along the Brazos Drumline Contest was held at Cougar Stadium in College Station and hosted riveting performances by High School bands from all over central Texas. There were performances from 11:00 Saturday until late in the afternoon, beginning with Bastrop High School and including Lorena, Italy, Teague, Holland, Madisonville, McGregor, Blanco, Elgin, College Station, Belton and of course its host, A&M Consolidated. Cypress Woods ended the marathon of the thunder at 4:00.

My Intro...

When some of these bands enter into the stadium,  it takes on the appearance of an army... Belton's "Marching 100" was quite stately rolling in with its artillery.

Check out the dramatic performance demonstrated by this drum line from McGregor High School.

And McGregor's got soul man! Check out that drumstick twirling!

Blanco was not to be outdone, firing away on all cylinders...

There was something for everybody...

And I mean EVERYBODY! I think this unusually creative performance was from Elgin High School... Yes, that is a blue plastic bucket!

They had a regular band as well... with a light-footed, hard-driving drum line...

It would be hard to be the judge when considering such well planned and executed performances by such talented musicians.  Winners or losers, this is one battle that will have TO BE CONTINUED!

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