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Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween? No A Hallowing... NAVASOTA THEATER ALLIANCE

 Working for Dr Harris, this devoted nurse became worried about transmitting deadly diseases to her own children.

"We live and die with the choices we make..."

Said nurse Tribble after a lifetime of sacrificially serving the Navasota community as a nurse. And The Navasota Theater Alliance made a great choice in this instance. Once again Lanterns and Legends at Navasota runs away with all of the awards for Best Halloween Season Production, Best Wardrobe, Best Scripts, Best Set Design, Best Organization... and Best Bang for the Buck. 

These are my awards, but why not?

After doctoring during the tragic and bloody Civil War, this doctor gave up medicine after the helplessness he felt during the 1867 Yellow Fever epidemic.

I know a little about art, music, theater... and I will place my awards against any other opinionated person and argue successfully that this may be the most moving, the most significant, the most useful art ever produced in Navasota... or anywhere nearby. There were probably fifty cars in the makeshift parking lot at the Oakland Cemetery, now hallowed ground for a new set of reasons, telling me lots of folks agree with me... They were nearly sold out at every performance.

Even the crowd will give you the creeps out there in the cemetery at night.

This years' theme was "The Brave in the Grave," and that was well illustrated by the characters who emerged from the cemetery darkness to tell their touching stories; A stoic woman who lost her brother and her child in the world wars; An army sergeant killed in action; A newspaper publisher who fought in the Texas revolution, barely escaping the Mexican holocaust, only to to see his newspaper building burned twice, and lose a daughter while quite young and have to report her death in his newspaper.

Joseph Lancaster was a southern firebrand- who often had to put out his own fires.

The courage of our forefathers makes us seem to cower in comparison.

Ranger Bob Werner comes to life as a ring tailed tooter.. and shares his experiences as police chief in Navasota.

Lanterns and Legends is a theatrical hit, on any level... and makes most other Autumn events seem trivial and a waste of time... But that's just my opinion. You will, and should see it for yourself to prove me wrong. 

But if you do... watch your step!

Lanterns and Legends runs through Sunday afternoon...

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