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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Benjamin Knox- The Art of Success

Every once in a while the stars align to provide everything necessary for life in one place- Art, music and wine

But rarely on a regular basis!

Benjamin Knox has been perfecting his vision for a quarter of a century in a veritable retail sweet spot. And over time his aggressive approach and hard work has paid off in several ways.

His elegant and spacious art gallery featuring his own work is surviving in a very tough economy. He continues to add features to his facility such as an event center, a wine bar and a party deck. And understandably his gallery has become the flagship for the College Station art community, offering fine art, good wine and live music every week. In fact three times a week!

Click on the arrow in the box below to hear Benjamin Knox explain his concept...

Indeed, there has NEVER been an opportunity like this!

Knox offers several evenings a week where professional, popular art, live music and great wine and cheeses are served in gorgeous surroundings.

Once an architecture major at Texas A & M, Benjamin quickly zeroed in on his niche and with great perseverance has gradually improved it until he stands victorious among a diminishing field of competitors. You might say he has illustrated in his business the true heart of a champion. So it is no surprise that much of his work has been studies of traditional Aggie icons, such as Texas A & M football and not a few compositions featuring the famous Texas A & M Aggie Corp. The fierce, competitive spirit seen on the A & M football field has been demonstrated on every canvas coming out of his studio.

Knox talks about his current, near epic exhibit...

We wish Benjamin the best of luck with that project!

The Wine Depot.

And that same spirit has gone into every product, every addition to his sprawling Art Gallery- Frame Shop- Wine Depot and Event Center. He manages it all himself, with the assistance of half a dozen personnel. There are full-time picture framers, food and wine servers, a couple of college kids working part time, and musicians entertaining several times a week. And above all of this activity he paints his large masterworks in his private studio upstairs.

The coolest people in College Station take advantage of this remarkable cultural asset...

But tonight Knox calmly meanders among the crowd out on the deck, enjoying his creation as if he were a casual guest. Meanwhile The Greg Tivis Trio delivers tight, engaging jazz; the musical equivalent to his masterful paintings...

Greg and his music can be enjoyed at several local venues every week.

Groups chat and dine in private nooks and out in the idyllic evening air. The place functions automatically like… something an Aggie would design; a very talented, somewhat right-brained Aggie. After years of searching and considerable training, Benjamin proudly claims that he has a solid crew that can handle these weekly events without any hand-wringing or angst. His crew makes him look good... and Benjamin Knox makes success look easy. And he seems to have done it on his terms, a feat within itself.

The Greg Tivis Trio makes time stand still while the world flies by.

But it has not always been so. Knox has overcome some serious personal challenges in recent years which have made him stronger and perhaps wiser, and an even smarter businessman, and if possible, an even more amazing artist. Now the near perfection of his ambitious domain is the result of decades of striving and passion, yet it all seems so ideal and serene. Perhaps his most fascinating, most magical art is his success. How can all of this achievement rise on University Drive, year after year, against impossible odds?

Knox pointed out a new work in his gallery of a Texas A & M football player, the twelfth man, kneeling and praying. It is the picture of a champion, nearly prostrate, leaning on his helmet, having given his all, exhausted and yet thankful, and still knowing where all good things come from. And most importantly, having the presence of mind to take the time to say a prayer of thanksgiving. It pretty much sums up where Benjamin Knox is today; the life of a champion, feeling gratitude for his success, happy with his performance on the field. It is a sweet place to be.

Benjamin Knox enjoys the fruits of his labors.

And Benjamin Knox is a big believer in giving back. In fact he credits some of his success to his reciprocity in this community. He has given a lot, and the community has given back in spades. He has also been sure to use his gallery as a venue for local musicians and emerging performers as well...

Art lovers, or music lovers, or Aggies, or avid wine tasters will find their cultural home here at Benjamin Knox Art Gallery, and his Wine Depot, and in the process, they will be sharing a little of his success.

We can only imagine what Benjamin Knox might do next with this amazing facility, and how or where he might aim his talents in the future. Knox says he wants to explore landscapes and do more western and historical subjects, and other things to do with our Texas heritage. If his delightful weekly parties are any indication… the best is yet to come.

The Benjamin Knox Art Gallery is located at 405 University Drive, (East) in College Station, Texas. Hours are Mon-Wed 12-8, Thur-Sat 12-12, LIVE MUSIC Thur & Fri 7-10

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