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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lakeside Ice House- Eternal Bonds and Rock and Roll

Randy Pavlock in deep thought as he rocks the Lakeside Ice House.

Every good entertainer has a few tricks or surprises up his sleeve, and Randy Pavlock loves big surprises. None of us have ever forgotten the night he brought Buddy Miles up on the stage at the Navasota BluesFest, a little age-dizzy and gratuitously cursing as he loved on all the little adoring children around his wheel chair… or at least that’s the way I remember it. This was almost as good. And as spicy.

A snippet of Randy Pavlock and Twenty-Four Seven... playing Hold on (I'm Comin')

At break time, after some vintage Pavlock rock & roll, Randy stepped down from the limelight and invited Whitney Brandl to spend eternity with him. Now I understood why there were all these big-gun photographers around with their monster cameras and everybody had whipped their camera phones out like there was about to be a rumble.

He took a little time gathering his thoughts…

The object of his undying love, Whitney complained that he always took too ____ long, and then he spit it out, very eloquently I think for a Polish boy from Plantersville, and she teased and pranced and then squealed YEEEES! It was the most exotic proposal most of us had ever seen.

It was a real rock & roll history moment… at least for the Brazos Valley. Our crown prince now has his princess. She is a hairdresser from Bryan. They appear to be a perfect match and truly deserve one another and I wish them the greatest happiness. I’m just glad I stumbled in to that one!

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